A little bit of history.

I come from the distant shores of Bulgaria, where I first got indoctrinated into the wonderful world of videogames after watching my dad play Star Wars: Dark Forces II. Despite not really knowing what was happening on the screen, I quickly grew fond of games such as Commandos 2 and Age of Empires – mostly because it all felt impossibly challenging at first, but also for seeing what reactions the little dudes on the screen would have to my ridiculous commands.

Fast-forward a few (ok, maybe more than just a few) years later and I’m graduating from high-school with an economics diploma, not really sure if I want to dive into a world full of accounting and finance. That was the first moment when I decided to take a risk, forget about all past plans and try my luck at following my passion. That’s pretty much how I ended up in Scotland, studying game design at Abertay University.

With no prior experience in making games, the four years I spent there were nothing short of eye-opening. I’ve experimented with concepts and ideas, participated in game jams, written about games and developed experiences that have helped me grow as a proud maker of interactive things.

After graduating, I took things one step further by joining Imperia Online as a game designer. So far, I’ve had the chance to get my hands dirty while working the game’s flagship title (an online RTS game), supporting its numerous live updates through balance work while designing new features and other exciting tid-bits.

Right now – I’m designing stuff (mostly lots of levels in Unreal Engine 4) for a super duper exciting VR game. More on that later, when we’re ready to unleash our creation into the wild! 🙂

Twitter: @Dealey
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/georgitrenev