Paranoia (UE4 Experimental Game)

Download the build here.

This was developed as part of my  honours project, which is focused on the topic of short-form interactive experiences and the design specifics behind time-constricted meaningful gameplay. (Read Dissertation)

My goal was to explore interesting ways to portray the thrill of “being chased” and how this can be done when players are immediately put in such a situation. From the very beginning I wanted the concept of this prototype to focus on the inevitability of player action, with the game ending identically in all cases. This project was particularly useful in testing  various ways to achieve a visually cohesive scene that would enchance the feeling I was going for, that including elements such as a triggered screen shake at each step, odd/slightly slanted camera positioning and motion blur.

The game’s backbone is handled via Unreal Engine 4’s Blueprints, with all environment props being made in Maya. I also used Blender for creating the character model along with doing all rigging and animations.

Various triggers being set within corridors acting as prompts for players to turn left or right.
Maze layout.