Game Designer/Writer

Hi there!  I’m a game designer interested in experimental gameplay, minimalist design and bringing meaningful stories through mechanics. I am also a freelance writer, currently contributing to several gaming websites covering a wide breadth of videogame-related content.

Feel free to browse through the work I’ve done in the past!

Escape TakashiEscapeTakashiFeatureWebsite
Edo Edo_Final_Cropped
Guests GuestsFeature
Paranoia Paranoia
Aeon (Futurlab-led Professional Student Project)02
Tale of Amber (UE4 Environmental Prototype)04_re
The Decider (UE4 January Jam Entry)Final
Space Mates (Global Game  Jam 2016)SpaceMates
UDK Level DesignUDK_re
3D ModelingRender_1
School Nightmare (Global Game Jam 2015)SchoolNightmareFeature

The Groovy Gentleman (Flash Game)TheGroovyGentleman