Georgi Trenev
Game Designer/Writer

I'm a motivated and passionate game designer with a broad set of practical and analytical skills. I've developed multiple games as solo projects, in university and in game jams, in addition to having worked with a student team supervised by FuturLab. Due to my keen interested in dissecting game design to its purest form, I've spent my last academic year exploring the topic of short-form interactive experiences. In my spare time, I write for several gaming websites producing content ranging from news to editorials.


09/2012 - 05/2016

Abertay University
BA (Hons) Game Design & Production Management

Key focus on game design, narrative design, prototyping and 3D modeling.
Attained a first class degree with honours.
Was a designer in a student professional project supervised by Futurlab.
Worked on an honours project focused on short-form interactive experiences and time-constricted gameplay. Received SEGA’s graduate award for excellence in game development.


National High School in Finance and Business Sofia
Economics and Management profile

Focus on microeconomics, business management and accountancy.
European finalist for Junior Achievement’s  Titan simulation.
1st place winner for International University College Sofia’s KODIMA challenge.

Work Experience

01/2017 - Present

Imperia Online
Game Designer

Working alongside a team of designers responsible for balancing and updating a freemium online browser strategy game. Work includes balancing in-game units and factions, redesigning mechanics, generating NPC encounters and designing seasonal events. Recently begun work on other projects involving level design and extensive 3D prototyping.

11/2015 - Present
Staff Writer

I’ve been covering a wide variety of content for Cliqist, mainly focusing on videogame crowdfunding. I’ve written analytical pieces on the successes and pitfalls of several Kickstarters, post-mortem looks at failed or successful campaigns and coverage of upcoming crowdfunded games.

07/2015 - 03/2016

For this website I’ve mostly been responsible in covering breaking gaming news, this encompassing mostly mainstream titles and companies. I’ve also written several reviews based on pre-release codes.

05/2013 - 12/2014

As one of the founders of the website, I’ve been responsible for writing news, reviews and editorials, on top of contacting several independent developers for in-depth interviews. Another focus was talking to major publishers such as Namco Bandai EU and Ubisoft, managing to secure press access to their networks and getting the website known in general.