Aeon (Futurlab-led Student Professional Project)

Aeon was a group project part of a university module, with our team being tasked to create a prototype based on a brief delivered to us by Futurlab.

The project was developed in PhyreEngine and targeted for the PSVita. My main role was design, which involved me building levels and testing out mechanics while working closely with our artists and programmers. I used Tiled for generating and building levels, directly integrating changes into PhyreEngine and being able to quickly add art assets, collisions and event triggers.

The development of this project was set for the duration of 1 academic year, with progress being monitored by the two heads of Futurlab through several meetings.

Georgi Trenev – Design
Gerard McCullough – Producer/Team Lead
Matthew Alexander Cormack – Engine Programmer
Craig James – Gameplay Programmer
Cassie Bennett – Gameplay Programmer
Rebecca Campbell – Artist (Animation)
Adam McArthur – Artist (Environment/UI)
Karolina Jacobsson – Artist (Environment)
Cameron Martin MacMillan – Audio


Tiled level editor view.
Tiled level editor view.


Collisions setup in Tiled. I also used those to trigger in-game events such as moving platforms, score pickups and audio cues.


Level design for level 2, incorporating a bridging middle area and three distinct parts scattered around it.


Level design for level 3, mostly focusing on a multi-coloured shooting mechanic that was planned to be implemented in the game.