Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a real-time grand strategy released on Steam and published by THQ Nordic.

I worked as a Game Designer on the game for nearly 5 years, alongside three fellow designers.

During this time, I was involved in the design of most of the game’s systems, from their conceptualization phase to documentation and balancing. Due to the game’s rather small development team (~25 people), I was also responsible for many other tasks, including:

  • Extensive content design via an in-house scripting language (.def). This includes defining complex effects for all major systems (e.g. actions/skills/buildings), balancing costs and rewards, designing and implementing logic outcomes and managing statistics in relation to the in-game economy;
  • Designing much of the game’s UI via interactive mockup prototypes, while working extensively alongside UI artists;
  • Writing a large amount of the game’s texts, from tooltips and messages to tutorials;
  • Designing and writing many of the game’s voice lines in collaboration with the team’s audio designer, in a clear and readable format ready to be delivered to voice actors;
  • Working with external localization departments and supporting them in translating the game’s thousands of texts;  
  • Planning 2D and 3D assets for development and managing their production with the art team, in addition to implementing them in-engine;

Throughout development and after the game’s release, I also wrote several dev diaries, in addition to participating in multiple dev streams on THQ Nordic’s channel as a co-host.